Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The massive increase in waste of all kinds is a menace to environment. Thaneatoz will be introducing eco friendly sustainable activities.

Some of the activities are listed below

  1. reusing old school books, uniforms, notebooks, project materials, color boxes, shoes, school bags, school tiffins, water bottles etc
  2. recycling waste from households like food waste, raddi, paper, tetra pack, PET bottles, electronics, furnitures, clothes, shoes, vehicles etc. etc.
  3. recycling waste from offices
  4. recycling waste from factories
  5. waste paper collection services with digital weighing scale
  6. on site paper shredding services to offices
  7. organising activities under CSR catering to eco friendly sustainable activities.
  8. eco farming like weekend farming, terrace farming, square feet farming, adopt a farm, adopt a farmer
  9. eco gardening like terrace garden, balcony garden, bedroom plants, hall plants, plant chain, family nursery

Innovative Eco systems

  1. reuse your teaching skills- if you are taking study of your child you can share your skill for other group of students
  2. convert your morning walk into an eco task of watering one plant, picking waste on road in one plastic bag and put it in municipal garbage tank
  3. share your bike for daily commuting to railway station

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