Business in Thane- The fastest growing suburb of Mumbai

Thane - the star of Mumbai (MMR) the financial capital of India.

About Thane

  1. Gross Income Size 1,55,000 crores compared to 1,89,000 crores of Mumbai and 1,32,000 crores of Pune
  2. Mumbai, Thane and Pune contributes 35% of Maharashtra State Income
  3. Thane Gross Income CAGR upto 2051 of 8.1% compared to 4.1% for Mumbai
  4. Per Capita Income 1,40,608 2nd rank amongst Maharashtra, Districts (Energy and Resource Institute, Delhi)

Mumbai (MMR) with 1.4 trillion INR market size is one third of the organized retail market (CAGR 16%) of 6 major cities of India i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad & Pune. MMR has only 14% penetration against 19% for all 6 cities combined. After shifting of all the major markets like steel, food, vegetable etc. from Mumbai and development of the JNPT, Thane is fastly emerging as a new centre of attraction of the Mumbai Market.

Mumbai is and will continue to be the financial capital of India and Thane will be the fastest developing location in MMR in the future. Companies that has pan India presence have headquarter in Mumbai. Now the companies having pan Maharashtra or pan top 6 cities are preferring their presence in Thane for becoming ready for scalability. Most of the senior business executives of companies in Mumbai and it's suburbs are living in Thane to prefer a work life balance that the Mumbai city cannot give. This preference of work life balance is driving growth in high class real estate residential and commercial properties in Thane. Thane is the perfect place where blending of business and family life is so natural and effortless.

Play your role in Thane proactively and make Thane even more happening place.  Showcase your stength to right people at right time and make the difference, act today.

We help you to prepare for sustainability and then for growth that can sustain. As Thaneite you need the Business and service providers that are in and around Thane. We make all efforts to make the life of Thaneites easier by providing the necessary information that you need at your fingertip and at the time you want.

We organise network meetings with specific objective in areas like angel investment, scaling of start ups, planning succession, expanding markets, automation, handling disruption, planning a start up during job, participating in start ups for knowledge and experience sharing, adopting IT to optimise, adapting business to the disruptive trends etc. If you want to be part of this vibrant business network or have specifc objective to achive which we have missed please send us your feedback

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