Evolution of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are evolving in changing circumtances. An idea driven e.g. Ford's idea was an object like car, Googles idea of a service like search or prophet's idea like humanity. Entrepreneurship is always a reflection of a character of a powerful personality.  We cannot differentiate a personality from a person. This is the reason why many great entrepreneur's achievements are during their lifetime and for the remaining entrepreneurs their idea has to wait till the environment is fertile to breed it.

The evolution of all of them has to greatly deal with evolution of the personality of the entrepreneur. The biggest input in this evolution is from the experiences they gain from their landing into circumstances that they never anticipated and also from the circumstances they create and aspire to manage. The evolution has a lot to do with learning, unlearning and relearning that suites the changing circumstance without altering the DNA of the character.

What are those changing circumstances that have been repeatatively happening?

  1. Evolving the personality that can match the strength to attain the ideal
  2. Imbibing the strength of the character in the team that is working on the idea
  3. Gradually detaching from the idea that has worked or have started working leaving the idea and the new team to sustain on it's own

In corporate life we name some activities involved in these changing circumstances as

  • startup
  • succession
  • catalytic activities like freelancing, virtual assistants, SaaS, PaaS,networking, moonlighters, outsourcing, KPO, BPO, automation, CSR etc.
  • angel investment, micro financing, private equity, borrowing, mezzanine deals, capital restructuring, self help groups etc.
  • career planning like internship, induction, orientation, training, job, switchovers, promotions, participating in focus groups etc.
  • mentoring, coaching, human development, leadership
  • innovation/ disruption, integration, 
  • organic and inorganic growth like greenfield, merger, acquisition, exits, dilution, minority etc.

If you are entrepreneur and above age 40 you are at critical stage to plan these activities. Write us which specific activity you feel is most critical and let us know the one we have missed.